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The first installation of EnerFLOW 320 with photo voltaic

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일14-07-01 23:13 조회5,486회 댓글0건


H2, Inc. has installed the first Vanadium Redox Flow Battery(VRFB) ESS in link with photo voltaic
for the domestic market which is expected to start operation in early July this month.

This pilot project has been undertaken by a government agency in the Sejong province.
With this first groundwork, H2 will expand it's installation by supplying VRFB systems in smart grid
expansion projects expected to ramp up in 2015.

EnerFlow 320 is a modular type small size VRFB(5kW/20kWh) with power stack, eletrolyte, BMS and PCS
fully integrated into a single enclosure for simple installation.


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