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H2's Invitation to 2015 Co-Prospertiy Festival hosted by KEPCO

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일15-06-08 23:14 조회4,637회 댓글0건


H2 attended the Co-prosperity Festival hosted by Korea Electric Power Company on may 28~29th to introduce vanadium redox flow battery technology and products. H2 was introduced as the main company during the event where many VIPs including the president of KEPCO attended the festival and showed high interest during their visit at our booth. 
The event was held at Naju city, Jolla province which is a designated location as one of the innovation cities for urban and rural balanced development.. The festival was held in front of the newly located headquarters for KEPCO in Naju city.

We would like to sincerly thank all the people who visited our booth for showing such enthusiasm and support.


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